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As the leading SEO service provider in Texas, we have worked with a number of top brands in the state and helped them grow in a more efficient manner. During our time as an SEO service provider, we have been approached by hundreds of companies, both big as well as small, and when we find a client who we find worthy, we sign them up and make sure our experts deliver on all the promises that we made!

So how exactly do we decide which clients to accept and who to turn away?

As a leading SEO company in Dallas, Texas, we have a duty to our clients. We must ensure that our services can help them and give them the growth they expect. This is not always possible for every business. Some businesses are only just starting to grow and do not have the established market presence to benefit from SEO. In such cases we explain the problem and politely turn them down. Since accepting payments for a project where we know that the results will be far from expected would be highly unethical and is not something that we ever do.

There are also instances where we are approached by businesses that are unethical themselves, or cater to a domain which we cannot align ourselves with due to our own beliefs. Get rich quick schemes are a good example of the clients which we turn down. A business which is not honest and possibly even illegal can never be a client for us. At Dallas SEO Agency, we do not work with:

  • Adult themed websites and online stores
  • Start ups
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes

A good reputation is important to us, and it is for this reason why we carefully pick the clients we work with. There are certain legal businesses which we do not work with either. Companies that have absolutely no presence in the market or any website which caters to the adult entertainment industry is off limits for us. We understand that public perception matters and businesses do not want to be associated with fraudulent services, and adult websites, even indirectly. We respect the wishes of our clients and are highly selective when choosing our next project.


Quality over Quantity

As a premier SEO services provider in Texas, our clients expect ethical and transparent services from us. Choosing clients who may not have a good reputation is not something that we can allow. Hence, we put forward these simple conditions to anyone who wishes to use our services.

So who should get in touch with us?

Businesses That Already Have Customers and Get Sales– It is important that your business already has a client base of its own. We enhance your growth, not magically create it. Our experts can help you get a greater number of visitors, and more relevant traffic. So, our services are best suited for professionals or businesses that have an established presence already, and are now looking to improve their sales.

Businesses With A Good Reputation In The Market – When people already know that you provide good services, our experts can help you create immense goodwill in the market. We help you earn the trust of even more people and expand your services to new locations.

When you take a look at our restrictions, you will find that there are not that many conditions that we insist on. As long as your business is well established, and is not anything that will raise any eyebrows in the community, we can help it dominate the search results!


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